Our Story

Hope Springs Water is unlike any other bottled water available. That’s not because of the fresh spring water found inside each bottle; it’s because of what’s done with your money with each bottle you purchase.
One hundred percent of the profits made from the sale of Hope Springs Water is used to bring pure drinking water to people in developing countries.
It’s a simple but profound idea that started with a trip to the grocery store.
In the fall of 2009, Dr. Ted Mettetal was preparing for a mission trip to Mexico. As is the case with such excursions, bottled water was high on the travel list.
“I stood in front of an aisle of water, and God gave me this thought: ‘What would it look like if there was bottled water sitting on that shelf that gave 100 percent of its profits to clean-water projects in the developing world?’
“Would I be willing to buy that? Yes, I would.”
The idea seemed so simple, so natural that Mettetal went home and searched for just such a company. He found a few that gave a percentage of sales to clean-water projects, but none that gave 100 percent of its profits.
“I thought, ‘Gosh, this would be a cool thing to do, but I don’t know anything about starting up a business,’” recalled Mettetal.
That’s when the dreams starting waking him up at night – dreams of children sick and dying of diarrheal illnesses. Finally, he decided it was time to share his idea. Mettetal went to his friend, Steve Akin, who has a long history of doing mission work in developing countries.
“I told Steve the story, and he said, ‘What a wonderful idea! Why hasn’t anybody else thought of this?’ We prayed; we shared with others, and before we knew it, we had a wonderful board of directors, two corporations – one for selling the product and one for donating the profits – and, most importantly, a product.”