Hope Springs, Inc. will sell the water, pay all necessary expenses and taxes, and will then donate 100% of the profits to Hope Springs Water to be used by the non-profit corporation in providing sources of pure water to people living in developing countries, as well as providing assistance with proper sanitation programs, water distribution systems, and community public health education initiatives.

Hope Springs, Inc. offers its’ Natural Spring Water for sale in 0.5 liter, 24 bottle cases at local and regional sales outlets, including grocery stores, some restaurants, and some convenience stores. We are aggressively seeking to expand our customer base and plan to continue with steady growth as acceptance of our product and corporate goals continue to infiltrate the marketplace.

Our desire and Hope is that your purchase of bottled water will help some of the world’s most desperate and hopeless people. We can leverage profits from water sales to provide some of these people with a safer, simpler, and healthier life.


Who benefits when you buy Hope Springs Water?

Approximately 1.2 billion people in the world have no access to pure drinking water, and as many as 5 million people in developing countries die each year of water-related illnesses. The hardest hit among those are the most vulnerable among us: children. In fact, it is estimated a child dies somewhere in the world every 15 seconds of a water-borne disease.

Hope Springs Water will use every penny of its profits to partner with communities in developing countries to provide sources of pure drinking water, to give every possible man, woman and child Hope for longer, healthier, more productive lives.

One question we should all ask ourselves, “What would I do to save a life? Would I rush into a blazing house fire? Would I charge into a hail of bullets to save a comrade in arms?” I don’t think many of us know the answer to that question until we are faced with it in reality. Hope Springs Water offers people the opportunity to save a life by doing nothing more than what they are already doing-purchasing bottled water. The profit to Hope Springs from the purchase of a case of Hope Springs Water is combined with the purchase of thousands of other cases to produce what is needed to provide pure drinking water for those in the developing world who do not currently have it. In this way, everyone who drinks Hope Springs Water is able to actively participate in saving lives. What a deal!

We Hope you decide to drink Hope Springs Water and help us bring some hope into the lives of thousands of people around the world who currently feel as though the world has forgotten them-or worse, that the world just doesn’t care about them.  It is our belief that the majority of Americans are good people who do care and will do what they can to help, if given the opportunity.  If you are going to drink bottled water, your opportunity to help could be by drinking Hope Springs Water.

If, however, you wish to help in a more direct way, you may contribute directly to the Hope Springs Water global initiative and contributing  to the provision of pure water, of opportunity and Hope, for those who have been less fortunate than you.  From those of us at Hope Springs Water, we thank you.



The Internal Revenue Service of the United States has determined that Hope Springs Water qualifies for tax exempt status as a Public Charity under section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  All contributions made to Hope Springs Water are deductible from the donors income tax under section 170 of the code.  The effective date of exemption is February 24, 2010